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Crown General Construction was established in 2011.  At the time, we didn't realize that what we wanted to offer was different or unique, but after several years it was clear that what we really wanted to do was expand the market in the Lewis-Clark Valley and bring back the traditional, old fashioned custom built home that makes places like Normal Hill one of the best neighborhoods in town even 100 years later.  The kind of homes where you can see the mark of true professional craftsmen in everything from the framing to the tile to the moulding and millworks. They stand out because they have a definitive and unique architecture regardless of size or budget.


Taking pride in what you do does not equate to being the most expensive in town.  It means not leaving until the job is done, not cutting corners because no one will notice, and creating a product that will stand the test of time.  We love what we do and do our best to hire employees and subcontractors that feel the same way.  We also invest in understanding new technologies, methods, and products, but maintain the integrity of the craft and make traditional skills better and more efficient.


Chris oversees each and every project personally and has an excellent team, all with their own unique talents.  We work with our clients from start to finish to ensure that each custom home project will work for the families that will be living in them.



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